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Luxury Shingles From Volcano Roofers

If you want an elegant roof, then luxury shingles might be a good option for you. Luxury shingles are made of asphalt mixed with other materials. They tend to be heavier than shingles that made using only asphalt. This extra weight helps protect against strong winds, storms and precipitation.

What Are The Advantages of Luxury Shingles?

Luxury shingles offer several unique benefits. Many of these aren’t found in more lightweight shingles (such as 3-tab shingles). You should consider this roofing option if you can relate to the following:

Your Home Is Susceptible to Bad Weather

Weather conditions like hurricanes, tornadoes and blizzards do more than cause flooding. The strong winds associated with these storms can rip off the shingles on your roof. Luxury shingles are strengthened with extra materials, which helps them withstand bad weather.

You Want A Natural Looking Roof (Without Having to Pay For It)

Luxury shingles often resemble slate, a fine-grained rock used to make high-end shingles. Due to its sleek, sophisticated look, slate is generally a more costly roofing option. Luxury shingles use artificial materials to lower material costs. This lets you enjoy a natural appearance without having to break the bank.

You Value Longevity

When installed in the proper manner, luxury shingles can last for upwards of 30 years — some even last for 50 years. By choosing a long-lasting roofing option, you can save costs over time.

You Want Style Options

These shingles live up to their name. They give you the luxury of choosing your exact design, style and color requirements. Do you want a traditional, historic look? Or would you prefer a modern, upbeat look? Luxury shingles let you customize your roof to meet your design dreams. The possibilities are endless!

Who Should Get Luxury Shingles?

If you like the natural appearance of slate shingles but don’t care for the costs, then these are for you. Luxury shingles also have practical advantages. They are both strong and durable — this is perfect for homeowners that often deal with bad weather. Ultimately, they offer both strength and aesthetics.

Where Can I Get Luxury Shingles?

If you’re looking for luxury shingles for your home, the Volcano Roofers team has you covered. We can check your home and help determine if luxury shingles are the right choice. You can count on us to deliver a high-quality installation!

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